Welcome to The Fire Safety Institute

The Fire Safety Institute was founded in 1981 as a not-for-profit corporation. Its purpose is to encourage an integrated approach to the reduction of life and property loss from fire through rational fire safety decision making. The Institute pursues this goal by application of:  

Information science to collect and organize current and developing fire safety concepts.
FSI is concerned with making information from many sources available to the fire safety specialist in a form that is usable and which will promote the application of available technology to the reduction of fire losses. 

U.S. Library of Congress fire risk indexing approachResearch methods of decision analysis to develop better ways to utilize fire safety technology. Recent Fire Safety Institute research projects included developing a fire risk indexing approach to evaluate the protection of the U.S. Library of Congress’ collections from fire.

Education of engineers, architects and other professionals is a major concern of the Institute. There is an acute lack of fire safety expertise in the building process and in administration of fire risk. At the same time educational resources in fire safety technology are limited. FSI works to disseminate fire safety knowledge through a variety of mediums. 

Historic Preservation

Fire loss control for modern buildings typically focuses on preserving the structure and its contents for their useful life, an objective that implicitly recognizes demolition as a natural part of the property’s life cycle. Preservationists, on the other hand, perceive their mission as preserving historic buildings in perpetuity, a mission that dictates a radically different view of fire protection.

Fire Safe Building Rehabilitation is a new book available from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Director, Jack Watts collaborated with preservation architect Marilyn Kaplan to compile basic information on issues associated with protecting our built heritage from fire. 

Fire Risk Analysis

The Fire Safety Institute strives to define and improve the relationships among fire risk analysis, fire modeling, fire risk management, and fire protection engineering. Our purpose here is to enhance the application of fire risk analysis so that it provides an efficient and effective approach to finding solutions to fire safety problems and for selecting among alternative actions or designs.

The Fire Safety Institute